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About Wildlife Seed Supply

Wildlife Seed Supply LLC is a family business spanning 2 generations. We have 10 years of experience. From deer habitat, nesting grounds for birds, and wildflower fields for the honey bees, preserving Michigan's nature is our passion!
Our greatest attribute is the knowledge of different types of seed. My dad and uncle originally operated a company that traveled around the state to clean and treat a variety of seeds. Our past experiences, along with the many connections we have made, allow for us to create our own footprint within the Michigan Seed Industry.

Without habitat or a source of food, Michigan winters would take a toll on deer, turkey, and other birds. Last year we supplied hunters and advocates with over 2000 acres of seed that was left standing for winter feed and over 300 acres of man-made habitats. Preserving our passion for hunting ensures that our generation and many to follow will be able to enjoy God's beautiful creation. We are a food plot company that is owned by hunters for all types of hunters!

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Address: 371 S Osborn Rd, Sumner, MI  48889
Phone: (989) 763-1051
Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5