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Why choose Wildlife Seed Supply?

Hunting is certainly a thrill, however much of the excitement comes in the planning stages of the hunt, when preparing your land or lease for the actual hunt.  Choosing the right food plots grown from the right seeds is often the most important aspect of planning the hunt. That's why you should choose Wildlife Seed Supply. For more than two generations, we have been researching and developing the best seeds for wildlife to draw the wildlife you're looking to attract to your land.

Wildlife Seed Supply takes wildlife food plots seriously. As man encroaches on wildlife habitats, food plots become more important, not only to the hunter, but to the wildlife as well. Maintaining a balanced environment benefits everyone. 

Wildlife Seed Supply is dedicated to developing and distributing the absolute best wildlife seeds for all your hunting needs at competitive prices. We carry a broad range of mixtures and straight seed products that will allow you to grow the types of food lots needed for a successful hunting season. The types of seed products and mixes we offer include, but aren't limited to, brassicas, wheat, grain, millet, kale, clover, alfalfa, buckwheat, oats, radish, sugar beets, sunflowers, soybeans, turnips and more. Many of our products are non-GMO. 

Wildlife Seed Supply offers seed varieties for low input, premium and economical food plot seed applications. Here at Wildlife Seed Supply you'll find the best prices, expert service and advice from people with decades of experience, and speedy shipping!

Seed Blends for Food Plots

Seed mixtures and seed blends are popular for planting in food plots because of the wide range of different species that they contain. This variety of crops offers the habitat's wildlife a sampling or a small taste of more than just one type of plant. This method of diversifying the seeds used in a given food plot can be very effective in attracting wildlife. Providing wildlife with a variety of plants in a particular plot of food also allows for longer food plot usage because different species of plants will grow during different seasons throughout the year.

Individual Food Plot Seeds

Many expert wildlife managers prefer to plant single species food plots in addition to plots that use mixtures or blends. Oftentimes, a more cost effective way to focus on providing quality food plots for wildlife managers with more experience is to plant single species. By planting a single species, managers can achieve optimal potential of the wildlife site.

Discounted Seed Pricing for Conservation Districts

Wildlife Seed Supply also offers discounted pricing for conservation districts in our home state of Michigan. Give us a call to setup your wholesale account and start receiving discounted pricing today!

About Wildlife Seed Supply

Wildlife Seed Supply LLC is a family business spanning over two generations. We have 10+ years of experience. From deer habitat, nesting grounds for birds, and wildflower fields for the honey bees, preserving our home state of Michigan's nature and the natural habitats spanning the Midwest is our passion! And we have become the most knowledgeable experts at doing just that.

Our greatest attribute is the knowledge we have accumulated over the past decades on different types of seed and how they translate into better wildlife management and better habitats for hunting. My dad and uncle originally operated a company that traveled around the state to clean and treat a variety of seeds. Our past experiences, along with the many connections we have made, allow for us to create our own footprint within the Michigan Seed Industry.

Without habitat or a source of food, Michigan winters would take a toll on deer, turkey, and other birds. Last year we supplied hunters and advocates with over 2000 acres of seed that was left standing for winter feed and over 300 acres of man-made habitats. Preserving our passion for hunting ensures that our generation and many to follow will be able to enjoy God's beautiful creation. We are a food plot company that is owned by hunters for all types of hunters!

Wildlife Seed Supply's Mission is to:

1. To provide top quality seed at a low cost that is designed and structured for our Great Lakes Region. 
2. To develop a mutual friendship with our customers through our honesty, integrity, and knowledge. 
3. To give the everyday outdoorsman the chance to seize their greatest opportunity.

    We hope to be able to serve you now or in the future.

    Contact Wildlife Seed Supply

    Address: 371 S Osborn Rd, Sumner, MI  48889
    Phone: (989) 763-1051
    Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm